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2017 INFC Coaches Clinics & Team Drafts

The 2017 INFC Coaches Clinics and Team Drafts will be held at the ORU Mabee Center on July 22nd.

INFC Coaches Clinics and Exhibitors Booths are open to the public and are free to attend. The INFC Drafts are limited to coaches of the drafting teams only.

Team Draft times will be made availableat a later date. Drafts will be located in the South CBC (Convention & Banquet Center) located on the concourse level at the South end of the ORU Mabee Center.



Heat & Hydration

Coaches & Parents:

Soon the heat will be upon us, it is up to you to make sure your players are hydrated and properly acclimated to the weather.  Golden rule, “When in doubt, sit them out”!  If you feel your player is not responding properly and that it may be due to the heat or any injury, take the initiative to sit them out of any practice or games.  The guidelines the INFC publishes are just those; guidelines.  You know your players best! Below are a few tips to help you as a coach and parent.

*Make sure their “pee” is Lemonade.  -Clear pee is too much water, Apple Juice is too little!

*It takes at least 5 days to become acclimated.  Get your kids out into the weather and get them used to it.  Monitor their activities and do not allow them to do to much to fast.

*Weigh them immediately before and immediately after practice.  This will tell you how much water he/she will need to drink to replenish the fluids lost.

*Watch how and where they sweat.  Sweat in the middle of the chest and forehead is a sure sign they are not acclimated to weather.  Sweating throughout is a better indicator the body is used to the heat.

Again, these tips are a guideline, “When in doubt, sit them out”!